deriving free energy from air using sec

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The following experiment shows how interestingly Mr. Steven could draw free energy from air using his home-built sec exciter coil tower, he used it to a feed a small LM317 power supply unit and made it work successfully. Read more. `When i hand wind my coils i didnt use varnish its to soft and takes to long to dry, so i mix a 2 part araldite mix t

deriving free energy from air using sec
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ogether then use my fingers to apply it while rotating the coil winder by hand so the araldite dries fast and thick and is stronger. i make my own colloidal silver and soon ill be making the first ever colloidal silver using the same voltage and energy or RF current i get from the sec tower so i hope the energy rf currents and the voltage can make some kind of rejuvenated super water. ill take some pictures when i get the chance to of all the circuits ive made that are powered from the single output wire of an sec exciter tower including my fast nmh battery charger and high voltage capacitor charger etc etc at first the results of the nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery test was mixed in one test the battery had some voltage left in it and gained a charge up to 12 volts well past the batterys capacity, then another test a battery went flat fast after topping it up using the circuit and another test the measured battery voltage was going up as if self charging itself, so i wondered if the rf currents and voltage from the sec exciter tower did something to whats inside the battery, its a long story. Here are 7 pictures of the sec exciter coil tower powered voltage and current regulator circuits adding just the 2 fremenko plug diodes to these enables them to be powered from a one wire output from the sec exciter coil tower ive got the video of these being tested and its amazing". Heres some tests i did with another lm317...

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