difference between half full bridge plasma speaker 2

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

problem is my MOSFET gets realy hot. due to the circuit is using half bridge and no mosfet driver. I cannot get the tc4429 ic where i live. any other ideas how i can stop my MOSFET over heating, or maybe how to conect another mosfet driver. Probably wouldn`t help spitso, also you say it gets very hot but most people don`t realize that power electron

difference between half full bridge plasma speaker 2
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ics are okay to get hot. The max operating temperature of your typical power FET is hotter than a human being can safely touch. I have personally played with that driver and i have found it to waste alot of power and mosfets. I would recommend building this instead with the half bridge output. The sound quality is excellent and with a god flyback you can run it for 30 min before you have to turn it off. I wouldn`t use an amplifier, I`d use a purpose built Mosfet driver. With the load you`re driving though you may just need to buy a bigger fet, it`s really hard to tell without scope shots of the gate/drain/source voltages and current through the FET. You`re either running the FET too long in it`s linear region, or you`re pushing too much current through it. i unfortuneately dont have a ocilioscope. But current isnt a problem because i used a bench top powersupply and limited current at 3 amps, irf540 which im using can handle 33amps. So currents not the problem, must be MOSFET getting wrongly switched. It`s current limited Have you checked to make sure you`re not drawing too much current then If you draw too much current from the supply the voltage is going to drop and that`s going to do all sorts of nasty things to the voltages on your circuit, if your voltage drops too much that mosfet will be in it`s linear region regardless of how you drive it. What`s the DC resistance of the flyback coil primary i wound my own coil...

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