distance measuring sensor

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

One crude method for distance measuring is by using an ultrasonic transducer. the principle is that u send a burst of ultrasonic wave in the direction of the object and it is reflected back to the ultrasonic receiver. by measuring the time delay from transmission to reception, u can measure fairly accurately the distance of the object. the drawbacks are: note that u get a ultrasonic pair

distance measuring sensor
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with a defined centre frequency (usually just above the audio range i. e between 30khZ and 45khz). and u may have to create the frequency using the AVR. please post the method/principle involved (if possible) because the principle of measuring propagation time of the signal is definitely ruled out as the IR signal travels at the speed of light which is too fast for even for the fastest uC to respond to. e. g. for the signal to travel a distance of say 30cm, the IR signal would take roughly 1nanosecond. If u have any doubts on their working, search for the appropriate topic on the forum ( where ur doubts ma have been raised by some other member and the solution already suggested) and if ur doubts are still not cleared, post it on the forum on the appropriate section by starting a new thread. the pinout of utrasonic transducers and their specifications vary with the manufacturer and should be provided by the vendor/manufacturer along with the sensor itself. So when u enquire about the sensor pair, be sure to get the specifications of the sensor. I myself had done a project on ultrasonic distance measuring/object counting and used a ultrasonic transducer pair operating at 33khz interfaced to a 8085 uP(8051 core uCs were a rarity in those days as the technology itself had just entered the indian market at that time! the only manufacturer was intel with the 80c31 and the 87c51 series. ). Had purchased it in mumbai itself from a...

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