diy time lapse circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Here is information on how to build a diy time lapse circuit which will allows a camera to automaticly take photos between a certain time interval. Those photos then can be then to create time lapse film. It is used in this circuit a 2, 5  to 3, 5  stereo jack adapter which will be connected to the camera, a 3, 5  stereo jack cable and 3, 5  f

diy time lapse circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

emale jack connector which will be connected to the circuit with wires. To test this out before assembling the circuit, connect everything and touch with a wire the ground of the female connector to one of the its tips and the camera should either focus or shoot (more info in ). It is possible to use only a 2, 5  cable by dismantling it and solder the wires directly to the circuit. The main part of this circuit is the 555 timer IC which will control the time in the circuit. The 555 will be in astable (or oscillator) mode which will produce an output pulse on pin 3 during a certain amount of time, stop it during a certain amount of time and will keep repeating these two states. To prevent the camera to keep shooting during the period the circuit is outputting the pulse, it is necessary to disable the camera`s continuous shooting option so that camera only shoots one shot when the circuit starts to output the signal. The time interval between shots will be one cycle of these two states, in another words, it will be the the amount of time that circuit outputs the pulse plus amount of that time that the circuit pauses before it starts outputting the pulse again. All you need now is to connected the battery as seen above and the circuit should be working. It is wise to add and ON/OFF switch to the battery and LED to check if the circuit is on or off. This calculator will calculate the value of the R2 resistor necessary to...

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