dvd burner laser pointer proper way 18

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Build your very own burning laser. Unlike other popular ways of building your own burning laser I will show you how to do it properly to ensure a long and healthy life for your new laser. There are several reasons for building a burning laser this way instead of just connecting it to batteries and having it die in a couple days or months. The best reason is that it will be just a bit more powerful. But the main reason

dvd burner laser pointer proper way 18
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for building this circuit is to regulate voltage and current. As simple as connecting your diode to a set of AA batteries is. You must realize that that you are feeding the diode too much current. It is also not protected from other dangers such as voltage spikes. This driver circuit will take care of that. One of the most important things you will need to do this project is a laser diode. The second is an Aixiz housing to put your diode in. You need the Aixiz housing in order to focus you beam when you are finished. There is a link to purchase one right from Aixiz below in the parts list. You can also buy the laser diode on ebay or you can simply harvest your own from an old or broken DVD Burner you may have laying around. And to answer the question you are asking yourself right now, yes it must be a DVD Burner. Any that are 16x or higher in speed. Normal DVD player diodes will not create a laser pointer with burning power. Never use a CD Burner for this project either. They contain infrared diodes. The light they emit is invisible to the naked eye and contain enough power to blind you before you will even realize it is happening. Simply put, stay away from CD Burner diodes. You cant actually see the laser it will make anyway. Now, harvesting a laser diode can be a tricky process as they tend to be very fragile and sensitive to static and other forms of shock. It is very important to take your time in harvesting your...

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