easy build motocycle alarm

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The circuit just required 2 transistors to drive the relay the the relay act as a switch to activate the buzzer. Any number of normally-open switches may possibly be applied. Fit the mercury switches to ensure that they close when the steering is. The following circuit is a

easy build motocycle alarm
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simple fire alarm circuit based NE555 timer and use thermistor as a temperature detector. This sensor will activate the transistor when the temperature is in high value. The thermistor will have a low resistance at high temperature, while at low temperature, the transistor resistance is high. This characteristic of thermitor. This is a car alarm simulator which using the LED as a simulation output. This simple circuit can tell you whether your car is running or not by detecting the voltage difference when the car is on and off. This occurs because when your car is running the Alternator puts a out a voltage a. This car headlight alarm circuit can be set for one or two functions: First, to indicate that the head lights (or the side lights) should be switched off after switching off the ignition contact. With this circuit, there should be no dead battery due to headlights that were left on. Second, to indicate that the. This is the `special` circuit design of power supply failure alarm. The vast majority of the power supply failure alarm / indicator circuits require a independent power supply for themselves. However the alarm circuit introduced right here requires no extra supply power source. It utilizes an electrolytic capacitor to hold sufficient charge, to supply power.

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