fm digital radio development board

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

They implemented it in the higher frequency L band 1452-1492 MHz whereas EU, AU and GB are in VHF Band III (174-230 MHz) anyway it failed for whatever reasons, and thanks again for trying the APP. Mickz your app works perfectly here but I get no dab stations, only FM. Looks like the Canadian government dropped Dab here mid 2010 and has now opened up the spectrum for

fm digital radio development board
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HD if any broadcasters want to invest in that after investing in dab before. Oh well, the board is for development anyways. Thanks again Mickz Attached is a schematic for implementing L-band on the DAB development board. You can thank JP from Monkeyboard for this, he`s a very good chap. The attached circuit traces off pin 41 of the keystone module. JP also advised that the supplied software will drive it. I do hope you give it a go. Hi SNO, that circuit was obtained by mspw, however I assume you are trying it for somewhere other than Canada as they have no DAB on any band from the last info I looked up. Thanks guys for your help. Yes I have come to the conclusion that dab is dead in Canada. I bought these units to actually implement into Driveline so that peeps could use Driveline in other parts of the world, as it`s geared to mostly NA with the addition of HD and XM radio. Once development starts I am sure there will be a few more questions. Thanks again for your help SNO Just want to say thanks for the source you posted :-) I`m still waiting for my DAB unit (sometime next week) but I`m coding a plugin up for FreeICE. I noticed you save the list to a txt file. Just wondering why this is done as I have just been grabbing the saved list from the dab unit on start up. Unless it`s the presets your saving. I think it would be good if the dll wrote the last FM and last DAB channel used rather than just the last station played....

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