fm wireless microphone schematic

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

FM Wireless Microphone Schematic. In some applications, the use of the microphone cable is sometimes very difficultly. So use a cordless microphone is needed. Microphone as it is often referred to as wireless microphones (cordless microphone). Here I share wireless microphone circuit schematics using one transistor. Constructed using one bipolar t

fm wireless microphone schematic
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ransistors and work on the FM band. Resources of the wireless FM microphone circuit is derived from the 1, 5 Volt batteries. Constructed using a single transistor 2SC829 and a few passive components. All capacitors using ceramic materials and resistors using the 1/4 watt to save a FM wireless microphone schematic circuit. Used a single 1. 5 Vdc of battery for power supply. Antenna can be used with a cable 0. 75 meters of length use copper lines made on pcb. The following sightings : Circuit of wireless fm microphone can be made on the of 0. 8 x 5 cm size pcb, so small enough to put on the handle body of microphone. Inductor built it using email wire diameter size of 0. 5 mm by 3. 5 turns. Setting the work frequency of fm wireless microphone made with stretch and tighten the wire coil inductor. Effective range of wireless microphone above can reach 10 meters in the state of LOS (Line Off Sight) or without obstruction to the FM radio receiver.

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