gps driven clock compasss peedo

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This project is a GPS based clock, which also displays the present date, automatically compensates for daylight savings time, displays current speed, and maximum speed, along with your present heading in degrees with respect to true north. The original firmware and concept came from Ken, VK7KRJ, who was kind enough to grant me permission to use hi

gps driven clock compasss peedo
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

s source code and his original circuit idea in this project. I have modified the source code to work with the 16x4 display module that I have used, as well as the EM 406A GPS engine that I have built into the box. I have discovered that from one GPS engine to another, the NMEA sentences can vary slightly, depending on which chipset is used in the GPS engine. The EM 406A is a SiRf III based GPS, and Kens source code was written in 2004, so it is compatible with older GPS`s, but required modification to work with my SiRf III GPS. I basically had to stop the code from loading the $GPVTG sentences from the GPS module, as this is where the original firmware got stuck. I also added the code for the unit to log the maximum speed achieved, and keep it on the display indefinately, which makes this unit useful for logging the maximum speed achieved by a model car, or a dirt bike, or any other vehicle not already equipped with a speedo.

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