heroine clock

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This 6` x 18` clock needs 52 light sources. It may one day allow humans to know the time without glasses. For 25 years we searched for clocks big enough to be see without glasses. No large clock existed commercially so our only resort was to have clocks everywhere in the dumpy apartment. Then one day, was looking for ways to see if c

heroine clock
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omponents were overheating without burning fingers. Commercial thermometers are too slow and expensive. Discovered a tiny thermister which could measure electronic parts quickly. With a microprocessor and a display this thermister could be a highly sensitive thermometer. A large clock wouldn`t be affordable if it couldn`t perform some other function, however. Using the thermometer as the clock`s second function would make it affordable. The thermoclock would need to run on 6V battery power or AC power with automatic battery recharging. Looking at $40 for this thermoclock. Most of the cost is in the LEDs and microprocessor. Got 2 of the world`s most expensive LEDs for testing. Radioshack charges $2 for a single LED which is only $0. 10 in Hong Kong. After several tests including shaving off the lenses, the best position had both LED`s facing each other and the lenses left intact. The key was figuring out how to permanently mount LEDs in that position. Discovered fiberglass is resistant enough to heat to be used as a soldering surface. Lacking the money to make a fiberglass sheet for the entire clock, cut out 27 small fiberglass pieces to mount LEDs on. Went through a few respirators grinding those out. So much dust is coating the apartment now that breathing is like falling in love with members. Unlike french fry grease or cigarette smoke, fiberglass dust doesn`t make you cough right away. You can breathe it for several...

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