home automation Installation

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

First and foremost, if you are not handy with tools and electrical systems, please. hire an electrician instead of trying to undertake this task yourself. And have the electrician read this page for specific cautions and advice. I offer this advice because a house electrical system can kill the unwary. You`ve been warned. Okay, warning g

home automation Installation
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iven. From this point onward, I will make the assumption that my readers are (1) homeowners skilled with electrical systems, (2) professional electricians, or (3) curious people who just want to read the article but who aren`t planning to self-administer shock therapy. My Insteon system is limited in scope ” I have only relay controls (primarily 2466SW units) and no dimmers because my system is almost entirely compact fluorescents. This means these instructions won`t cover all possibilities ” a typical installer will need to include some things I don`t use. But this article will educate you in the basics and get you started. Also, in a later section, I describe in detail what I regard as the heart of a sophisticated Insteon system ” a system controller with enough brain power to make the entire system modestly intelligent. Some light controls, normally mounted in place of wall switches. An example would be the one I have dozens of ” the 2466SW wall-mounted relay control that works with fluorescent lights. There are many other options for this element, including dimmable controls for those who have incandescent lights and want to be able to control the light level in a room (example: 2466DW ). A caution ” only buy dimmable controls for ordinary, old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs. For all other purposes, get a relay control. Two access points / wireless phase couplers ( 2443PR ) that serve multiple purposes ” they accept...

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