ic lm338 application circuits explained

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The IC LM338 by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, is a versatile IC which can be wired in numerous different ways for obtaining high quality power supply circuit configuartions. The first circuit shows the typical wiring format done around the IC. The circuit provides an adjustable output right from 1. 25V to the maximum applied input voltage which shouldn`t

ic lm338 application circuits explained
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be more than 35 vots. This circuit produces an output that may be equal to the input supply voltage but the current is well regulated and can never exceed the 5 Amp mark. R1 is precisely selected so as to maintain a safe 5 amp maximum current limit that canbewithdrawn from the circuit. The IC LM 338 alone is specified for handling a maximum of 5 Amp of current, however if the IC is needed to handle higher currents, in the region of 15 amps, it can well be modified to produce that much of current with the appropriate modifications as shown below. The circuitutilizesthree IC LM338 for the intended implementations with output voltage that`s adjustable as explained for the first circuit. R8 is used for the voltage adjustment operations. In the above designs, the power supply utilized a pot for implementing the voltage adjustment procedure, the below given designincorporatesdiscrete transistors which can be digitally triggered separately for obtaining therelevantvoltage levels at the outputs. The collector resistance values are chosen in anincremental order so that a correspondingly varying voltages can be selected and becomes available through the external triggers. Other than power supplies, LM338 can also be used as a light controller. Thecircuitshows a very simple design where a phototransistor replaces the resistor which normally acts as thecomponentfor adjusting the output voltage. The light which needs to be controlled...

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