interfacing large load bank with

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This project is output port expander of microcontroller 8051. In this project we will learn, how to interface a large load bank with microcontroller 8051. In this load bank project, up to 50 solid state relays are interfaced with microcontroller using shift register 74LS4094 TTL IC, student can use CD4094 CMOS IC, any of them will work here fine.

interfacing large load bank with
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The basic purpose of this microcontroller project is to learn the interfacing of shift register for output port expansion. This project is for bank load which could be in the form of a large number of relays to switch ON or OFF the high voltages and high current loads. The same project can be used for the interfacing of solid state relays. This is improved version of last project ( Control solid state relays up to 50 with microcontroller 8051 ) in which latches were used. The wiring diagram of that project was complicated. Thus by using serial to parallel shift register ICs, the circuit diagram is quit simple now. To turn ON any individual LED for load, command is n01 or N01 from RS232 serial communication from PC, you can use hyper terminal for testing the project or you can write your own code in any PC language. relay switch atmel microcontroller51, interfacing relays with 8051, PLC output on relay switch, how a relay is behave like a switch, load bank consisting of many relays, bank load of relays and switches, data flow diagram of modem data rate analysis, industrial electronics circuit diagram

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