ir remote switch

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Imagine the convenience of selecting TV channels using your remote and then pointing the same remote to your switchboard to switch on/off the fan or the tubelight. Here is a simple circuit to remotely switch on/off any electrical device through a relay using the normal TV/VCR/VCP/VCD remote control unit. It works up to a distance of about 10 metre

ir remote switch
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s. The circuit is built around a 3-pin IR IC receiver (Siemens SFH-506-38 or equivalent) that can detect 38kHz burst frequency generated by a TV remote. (This IR receiver module has been covered earlier in many projects published in this blog. ) The output pin of IR sensor goes low when it detects IR light, triggering the monostable (1-second) built around timer NE555. The output of the mono toggles the J-K flip flop, whose Q output drives the relay through SL100 npn transistor (T1). LED2, LED3, and LED4 are used to display the status of each output stage during circuit operation. Back-EMF diode D5 is used for protection. Transistor T1 is configured as an open-collector output device to drive the relay rated at 12V DC. The circuit draws the power from voltage regulator 7805. Capacitor C5 is soldered close to the IR sensor`s pins to avoid noise and false triggering. Capacitor C3 and resistor R3 also avoid false triggering of monostable NE555. The monostable acts as a 1-second hysterisis unit to restrict the flip-flop from getting retriggered within one second. To activate any other 12V logic device, use the output across the relay coil terminals.

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