laser tag game multi player

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This system includes a processor which may have been a microcontroller but it did not have alarge memory and so an obvious improvment to this system is to use the internal RAM and ROM in a modern microcontroller. Note There are lots of circuit elements here that you can use such as a Xenon strobe light driver. Flowcharts are also included that sho

laser tag game multi player
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w the exact sequemce of events to follow to create your own version of the system. Particularly interesting is the method for detecting the gun "shot" (infrared) which switches around transmitter and receiver to acheive a far greater accuracy and simplicity in design. This is key design decision showing an innovative approach to solving the problem. One of the earliest childhood played games involves some type of battle. Whether it be "good guys" against "bad guys", cowboys and indians or cops and robbers, a "shooter" and "target" theme prevails in these basic games. The variations on the shooting-type theme games are numerous, and are based upon the age level of the children involved as well as the sophistication of the equipment available for playing of the game. Guns may be anything from imaginary to realistic looking models of actual firearms. As children grow older, so does the sophistication of the game rules and game equipment. With the technological advances in the electronics field, cowboy and indian shooting games have evolved into sophisticated audio visual games involving battles between planet inhabitants and alien invaders. A battle with the aliens is carried out on a cathode ray tube display in which the sole player controls a joystick or push-button in order to "fight" the enemy. With the advances in audio visual games, the one-on-one individual player interaction and much of the independence of player...

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