led flasher circuit schematic inside

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Build a circuit that will flash 5 pairs of LEDs at variable rates. To do this I designed a circuit using 5 NE555 timers. To control the variable flash rate I want to use trim pots. I am having a hard time figuring out where to lay out the trim pot and what value to use. Can some one please help me I have attached a screen cap of the schematic I designed in eagle. I`ve had a couple of beers, so maybe

led flasher circuit schematic inside
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

I`m not seeing this right, but it looks to me as if the top row of Leds are the wrong way round. It looks like the lower row will light when the output is high, but if the top row is meant to light on output low, they are the wrong way round. Thanks for the replies guys. As I said I am very new to this and designed the schematic in eagle after watching a few tutorials. I am basing my electronics knowledge off of 3 electronic classes I took back in high school. After 7 years the knowledge gained in those classes has faded somewhat. The season I had not completed the circuit is because I was waiting on figuring out what value trimpot to use. The tutorial I spoke of was a tutorial on how to use Eagle, not on the flasher circuit. My current knowledge on circuit design comes from some classes taken back in high school and most recently reading a few of Forrest Mims books. Your schematic is a negative. I fixed it. You saved it as a fuzzy JPG file type instead of as a very clear GIF or PNG file type so that is why it looks fuzzy. The datasheet for the LM555 shows two supply bypass capacitors. A 0. 1uf ceramic disc and at least 1uF. Each 555 should have a 0. 1uF ceramic disc and the entire circuit should have 100uF. I have the background set to black in Eagle. I am a professional photographer and almost all of my photo editing work is done on a black background as it is much easier on the eyes. When I found out I could change the...

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