low power simple energy efficient circuit to make single IR LED blink

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Powering the LED with a 3V CR2032 battery and hoping I could extend the battery life by making the LED blink instead of having it on all the time. The 555 timer one, with large value resistors in the voltage divider, is probably the best. It might need an extra transistor to handle the 100ma. pjc50 Dec 17 `12 at 15:04 It might be useful to know how often do you need your led to blink, and how long

low power simple energy efficient circuit to make single IR LED blink
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should it stay on. And you might wand to add further details about your specific project. Vladimir Cravero Dec 17 `12 at 16:15 555`s operating current is too large to be powered by a CR2023. If you really want to use a 555, instead use 7555, a CMOS variant of 555 timer. Chetan Bhargava Jan 6 `13 at 23:42 The comment above is right. "555" and "energy efficient" are like a fist and a face. When they meet, nothing good happens. Jonny B Good Jan 7 `13 at 11:09 You guys should probably take this to chat or form it into an answer. long comment chains are usually discouraged because it makes it hard for future readers to glean the actual answer. Toby Lawrence Jan 8 `13 at 16:53 As several of the answers so far have dispensed with the 100 mA LED drive current requirement, limiting it instead to the 20 to perhaps 50 mA that typical microcontrollers will safely sink or source, here are some minimal, high efficiency solutions within the same current constraints. Bowin M34-2H is a 3-pin part that will flash an LED at 2 Hz with 25 mA current. It contains an internal RC oscillator, with +/- 20% tolerance, hence not terribly precise. The pin-out and application circuit from the datasheet: This 8-pin TSSOP part can be "trained" with a sequence of up to 3 blinking elements, and will then continue to blink as trained. The programming connection can be removed after training, and this programming is achieved via a single signal line from any...

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