microphone beyerdynamic TG X 50 Mk II

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Mk II was a second-generation version of the TG X 50. Both were dynamic microphones intended for bass instruments and kick drums. The primary difference between the two versions was the introduction of a passive EQ filter in the Mk II. Note that the circuit schematic (Schaltbild ) in the cutsheet linked from the right sidebar is incorrect

microphone beyerdynamic TG X 50 Mk II
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” it does not show the filter. The simpler schematic is this cutsheet is actually for the original TG-X 50, not the Mk II. The passive EQ filter circuit in the Mk II is pictured here (as diagrammed in the Opus 65 cutsheet). The Mk II`s EQ filter is an LCR circuit. As a passive circuit, it can only cut, rather than boost frequencies. Comparing frequency-response measurements of the TG X 50 and TG X 50 Mk II shows the effect of the resulting equalization: a broad mid-frequency scoop of up to 7dB, from 100Hz to 1kHz, and a 3 5dB cut above 4kHz. The Mk II literature describes this change: Durch ein spezielles Filter wird der Frequenzgang entzerrt, wodurch das Mikrofon mehr Tiefbass und Kick bekommt. Roughly translated: Through a special equalization filter, the microphone produces more bass and kick. 

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