oscillator and frequency divider schematics

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The other thing I thought of is using a phase shift oscillator followed by an inverter to turn the sine into a square wave, but it semms a rather crude solution. I`m also looking for the schematics to a frequencydivider. I know you can use a flip flop to halve the frequency, but I have only seen D flip flop used this way. Is there a simple circuit that can easily be built with tiscrete components to

oscillator and frequency divider schematics
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do tha same thing I think a Schmitt trigger oscillator built with discrete components would work. The feedback resistor would set the frequency. You could even probably use a control voltage through another resistor to vary it. The simplest oscillator that I know is a Schmitt trigger with a capacitor from input to ground and a resistor from output to input. The output will be square wave. A 4093 will give four oscillators and a 40106, six. An astable multivibrator is a simple discrete solution. Use a 2 gang pot to adjust two resistances at once (it`s much harder to adjust 2 capacitances - especially of the size used in this sort of circuit) Using dividers means that the octave frequencies are locked to each other. You may get a more interesting note if you use a free phase organ with non locked harmonics. This would entail 60 oscillators for a 60 note keyboard. As duke37 already suggested, you can use a CD4024 to generate seven lower octaves from each oscillator. (I`m assuming you will have twelve oscillators, one for each note, so you will need twelve CD4024s. ) If you really mean discrete, i. e. no ICs, look at the schematic for the transistorised clock on kabtronics. com. It uses two-transistor flip-flop circuits to divide frequencies by 2. As you can see, though, it takes a lot of space! Here is the heart of the Livingston Monarch. It uses pnp germanium alloy junction transistors and runs on -12V. Now, you should use...

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