own capacitor

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The capacitor consists of two sheets of aluminium foil. Leave the foil inside the plastic packets and make connections using crocodile clips. The crocodile clips must not touch each other. The initial frequency of the pulses can be divided by up to 214 times. Use the oscilloscope to probe the counter outputs. You will find the fastest pulses at pi

own capacitor
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n 7 of the 4060, with slower pulses at the other counter outputs. When you move the probe to pin 5, the frequency of the pulses is halved compared with the frequency at pin 7, and is halved again if you move the probe to pin 4. The slowest pulses can be observed at the final output of the counter, pin 3. Connect the probe to any one output. What happens to the frequency of the pulses on the oscilloscope screen when the area of overlap of the capacitor plates is increased It is nice to see the pulses on the oscilloscope screen, but it is more fun to hear the changes in the frequency of the pulses by adding an audio amplifier stage to your circuit: Once the circuit is complete, the sound produced will be quite loud. The frequency should change when the area of overlap of the capacitor plates is changed, or when they are pressed closer together. A lower frequency means that the capacitor is taking longer to fill up and empty. In other words, lower frequencies indicate an increase in the size of the capacitor. The effect of changing the insulator between the capacitor plates is difficult to investigate properly in this experiment. However, changing the insulator can change the size of the capacitor. Insulators used in making non-polarised capacitors include polyester, polythene and ceramic. A thin layer of aluminium oxide forms the insulating layer in most polarised capacitors.

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