pcb fabrication Feasibility Question and Advice on CAD software

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

For a hobby project I have bread boarded, I am considering using a pair detectors that operate as a single use physical barrier. When hit by a projectile, a trace is broken allowing +5VDC to to trigger a flipflop that is part of my gate logic for a counter-timer. I have envisioned this detector as a thin adhesive sticker with a thin copper trace e

pcb fabrication Feasibility Question and Advice on CAD software
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mbedded in it that forms a simple pattern to cover the area, zigzaging across the surface. Similar to the passive RF sticker tags used by retail stores for antitheft. My questions are: 1) Will it be practical to have a manufacturer print a batch of these things for me 2) I`ve never used CAD software before, is there a suggestion for a free CAD program, that doesn`t have a huge learning curve for this type of project (I`m a linux guy but thinkning W7 is more likely here ) EDIT: Photo diodes are a great idea, and I will likely try them and ask questions in a separate thread. The break-able trace allows for more configurations and keeps slew rates ( and other rates ) small. I plan to use a very small distance to track the velocity of said projectile, like 1 or 2 cm. I have a 10 Mhz clock for my timer. EDIT2: I should have added a current limiting resistor to the diagram so as not to start a fire with the trace. but I think you get the idea from this diagram.

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