power inverter circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Car Inverter (Power Converter, Power Inverter) is a way to convert the DC DC12V and AC220V AC mains the same for general electrical use, is a convenient vehicle power adapter. Car power inverter has been generally welcomed in foreign markets. In foreign countries due to the higher prevalence of motor vehicles, you can go to work or travel connecte

power inverter circuits
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d with the inverter and the battery driven electric tools work. China entered the WTO, the domestic market more and more private transport, so car power inverter for use as a mobile DC-AC converter will give you the convenience of the lives of many, is a standing automotive vehicle loaded with supplies. Through the car cigarette lighter inverter output can be 20W, 40W, 80W, 120W 150W power specifications until. Then larger power inverter to the battery by connecting the cable to. The appliances connected to the power output of the converter can use a variety of electrical appliances in the car to use as easy as at home. Appliances can be used are: mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, cameras, lighting, electric shavers, CD, game consoles, handheld computers, power tools, refrigerators and all kinds of car travel, camping, first Brand Car Inverter brands are: DIVA car inverter Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. Guangzhou d`Ivoire, respectively, of the product produced by CE, ROHS certification. Belkin United States market, the domestic Shanghai NFA, the Friends of automotive power inverter Shanghai, Guangz hou & P now electronics. Inverter for different specifications of vehicle purchase, the power to mind the size of equipment. Buy car inverter to note is pure sine wave or modified wave inverter car inverter car, both mainly in terms of output current waveform points, the price is different, pure sine wave...

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