project DBS

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Voltage depletion is also called `sag` by some folks. The same general concept I`m covering in this project may be referred to as a 9v sag circuit. I learned to avoid using the word `sag` as many folks confuse it with tube amp sag which is an entirely different matter. Obvious question: Will lowering the voltage damage my pedal . Easy answer: No, it won`t.

project DBS
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Think about it ”if a pedal could be damaged by lower voltage, what would happen when your battery started dying The inverse of this project, i. e. a voltage "booster" is not a good thing. You can lower the voltage without hurting anything. You can also raise the voltage into your pedals, but you will hurt things. In the best case scenario, you`ll burn out the limiting diode, worse case you`ll get a ball of smoke, stink, and and empty slot in your pedal board. It`s not like overclocking your CPU, different concept altogether. A key characteristic of a battery is that it presents a series resistance. As the battery dies, this series resistance increases. So in order to simulate that characteristic of a dying battery, we insert a resistor between the battery and the circuit. And to make it adjustable, we use a potentiometer instead of a fixed resistor. So to build a dying battery simulator using series resistance, it is as simple as this: Another technique is to replace the series resistor with a voltage divider. In this case we wire the potentiometer differently so that it actually divides the voltage. We also add a small resistor between the potentiometer and ground so that we can`t accidentally turn the voltage sag all the way down and overload the power supply. Here`s the schematic. Note that I`m using a 10K pot, but just about any value pot will work, i. e. 100k, 1Meg, etc. The value of the resistor sets the low end of...

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