radio circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This example describes use of HS101, HS201 radio transmitter and receiver modules made of radio-controlled rotating color lights, it is essentially a multi-channel radio remote control device codes for a small dance floor or home use. Users stand on any corner of the hall can be easily controlled with a remote control light color and brightness. T

radio circuit diagram
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he transmitter circuit diagram is shown in Figure a, which consists of coded radio transmitter module integrated circuits IC1 and IC2 constitute the core of the device; radio receiver decoder controller is shown in Figure b shows, mainly by the radio receiver module circuit IC3, decoding integrated circuit IC4, thyristor switch and power supply and other parts circuit. Relatively simple transmitter circuit, in addition to integrated circuits and application-specific modules, the external components small. It has five control buttons SBl a SB5, SB1 is to control the rotation of the key light, press about, rotating lamps, and then press about, the rotation stops; SB2 SB4 is to control the color of a light but ton, the button is pressed, respectively, , can control the lights of a color in the most light, medium light and darkest; SB5 is a lights-out button, press this button, the lights go out. The principle is to change the color of red, green, and blue shade brighter than to achieve, but also can be rotated to change the light color palette. IC1 15 yards for a 18 foot control for the user side, the high and low level (ie, ground pin, which of) the receiver must decode the data controller is exactly the same when the user code can only remote control, the aim is to achieve at the same venue How different is only the transmitter control both the receiver, because of user code data of different interference will not occur. R2...

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