stepper motor controller

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Stepper motors are available in several versions and sizes with a variety of operating voltages. The advantage of this general-purpose controller is that is can be used with a wide range of operating voltages, from approximately 5 V to 18 V. It can drive the motor with a peak voltage equal to half the supply voltage, so it can easily handle steppe

stepper motor controller
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r motors designed for voltages between 2. 5 V and 9 V. The circuit can also supply motor currents up to 3. 5 A, which means it can be used to drive relatively large motors. The circuit is also short-circuit proof and has built-in over temperature protection. Two signals are required for driving a stepper motor. In logical terms, they constitute a Grey code, which means they are two square-wave signals with the same frequency but a constant phase difference of 90 degrees. IC1 generates a square-wave signal with a frequency that can be set using potentiometer P1. This frequency determines the rpm of the stepper motor. The Grey code is generated by a decimal counter in the form of a 4017. Outputs Q0 Q9 of the counter go high in succession in response to the rising edges of the clock signal. The Grey code can be generated from the outputs by using two OR gates, which are formed here using two diodes and a resistor for each gate, to produce the I and Q signals. Here I` stands for in-phase` and Q` for quadrature`, which means it has a 90-degree phase offset from the I signal. It is common practice to drive the windings of a stepper motor using a pair of push-pull circuits for each winding, which is called an H bridge`. That makes it possible to reverse the direction of the current through each winding, which is necessary for proper operation of a bipolar motor (one whose windings do not have centre taps). Of course, it can also...

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