tesla coil

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This circuit was designed to not fry the 555 timer, this is because I noticed that having the ignition coil share a high voltage contact with a power connector made somewhat high voltages go back and into the 555 timer, thus frying it (I went through about 7 timers before I finally got this to work). So after desoldering a few unused boards, I fou

tesla coil
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nd out that most of the IC`s I removed were photocouplers and I thought that they could be used to isolate the frequency signal appart from the driver that connects to the ignition coil. In a way the photocoupler acted like a relay. For the photocoupler it does not have to be the cosmo 1010, I just used that one because that was the smallest photocoupler that I removed from the board. You can play around with the capacitor and resistor values to see what they do, but I found that this combination gives some of the largest arcs from the igntion coil. The ignition coil is not portrayed as connected to the driver circuit, but it is shown clearly where to connect in the schematic of the tesla coil itself. It is also essential that the 6 volt power source is separate from the 12 volt one, that is why there`s a photocoupler, to completely isolate it. You can see that there is an "audio in" port on pin 5 of the 555 timer, that is optional, but in order to use it, you will have to change the capacitor from a 0. 47uF electrolytic to a 0. 1uF ceramic capacitor (it`s the one with the number 104); all you have to do is connect the output of the audio device to this and connect the common wire to the negative on the 6 volt side, but try not to use anything expensive as I`ve been using a cheap CD player and it acts a bit weird now from being connected, so try not to use your $200 ipod touch or anything like that. The picture of a...

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