the design of the radar for back running vehicle of MSP430

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

It is developed that the ones that assist driving system intelligent improvement and car electronic system that demand to the car as people are networked, new radar for back running vehicle should can serial range finding and reveals the distance of obstacle, and have communication functions, can send the data to the bus line of car. The past radar for back running vehicle designs components and parts

 the design of the radar for back running vehicle of MSP430
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used to be more, the function is relatively simple too. The radar for back running vehicle on the basis of the new high performance ultra low power consumption one-chip computer MSP430F2274 that this text introduces can remedy the deficiency of the past products. The overall design system of system adopts the ultrasonic range finding principle. The ultrasonic range finding instrument is generally made up of projector, receiver and part of signal processor three. While working, the ultrasonic transmitter sends out the supersonic pulse, the ultrasonic receiver receives and meets the backward wave that obstacles reflected back, measure supersonic wave and reflect the time to return from launching to meeting obstacles accurately, according to the ultrasonic propagation velocity, can calculate the distance of obstacles. As a non-contact type detection mode, supersonic wave have the intersection of air and the intersection of propagation attenuation and light, reflecting capacity and the intersection of penetrability and better characteristic. Ultrasonic range finding does not is influenced by light and sleet fog, bes simple in construction, makes convenient and cost low grade advantage within the range of close quarter. The high-performance one-chip computer combines ultrasonic range finding, can realize the powerful radar for back running vehicle easy to use. 16 one-chip computer MSP430F2274 power consumption of TI Company are...

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