the human machine circuits and wires

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is the electrical signals that run along the neurons in your brain and body in general, constantly relaying information back and forth throughout the whole complex machine. Without it we would be like plants, with one part of our bodies completely unaware of what`s happening to the rest of it, and animal life as it is familiar to us would be entirely impossible. Most people

the human machine circuits and wires
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have, I expect, heard of the notion of electrical signals running throughout our bodies (it`s why the machines built the Matrix, right ), but few will actually know what that means. In today`s post I`m going to be talking about what neuronal signals actually are, and so explain why being hit by lightning is a bad thing but beingdefibrillated (like in ER) can be a good thing. Your body is anintricatelywired piece of equipment - neurons connect every part to every other via the nervous system. In my last post in this series, I discussed how cells talk to one another; well the role of the nervous system is to allow tissues to talk to one another. This is often dictated by the central nervous system, made up of the brain and spinal chord, which is obviously vital for any concious decisions you might want to relay to the rest of your body, yet the majority of the signals coming from the brain are completelysubconscious- regulating the conditions of your body, for example. The peripheral nervous system, made up of all of the non-CNS neurons, tends to be less involved in the decision making, and more acting as a simple relay of information; either sensory signals working their way back to the brain, or important instructions being handed down from the CNS to the peripheral tissues like muscles. This entire network is dependent on a single family of cells: neurons. These are a highly-specialised type of cell that have evolved...

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