tube tester

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The meter has only one scale (0. 150) but this also used for 0. 75 and 0. 30. This is such a pain, and all people use a calculator with it. I made a new meter scale for it, with all ranges. This improves the comfort so much New Meter Scale for your L3-3! Due to many requests, this new meter scale is for sale. This is on an opaque sticker foil. The sticker is from the German company

tube tester
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

HERMA, who makes professional stickers materials. Remove from your original scale the numbers only, using the tip of a fien cloth, with abrasive cleaning milk, as used in the kitchen. Carefully rub off the original numbers, actually this is really easy to do. Do not rub off the marking triangle called "CAL". Take care, the original scale is 99% water proof. So it may become wet, but you can still damage it when you intensively rub it in wet condition. The original scale is calibrated for YOUR meter, so should not be reprinted or removed. This is why you only have the letters here. Check if the new scale matches your meter before you remove the numbers! This sticker material is professional, and perfect to handle. Apply the sticker at first with some water underneath, so you can move it. Then, with a soft cloth, rub over the sticker gently, thus removing the water underneath. Now Put the scale inside an old book, and lay something very heavy on it. After some hours, it is all dry and nicely glued on, without air or water underneath. Also I added a 6. 3V red line mark, as you need this for most of the tubes anyway. When positioning the scale, make sure the small red line is exactly at 6. 3V. Picture1 - Picture2 Price: 20 Euro + postage + 19% VAT if inside the European community. Sorry for the price, but the stickers are expensive, and it took me two days (!) to get the scales nice, and high resolution. To see a test result,...

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