ultrasonic receiver

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Barrier measurement of distance method applied is with measuring strength of bound signal. Reflection wave is catch with an acceptor transducer. Acceptor transducer releases sine signal which the amplitude depended from barrier distance with transducer. Functioning ultrasonic wave Acceptor circuit strengthens, unidirectional and filters output of

ultrasonic receiver
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acceptor transducer before sent to ADC. Signal concurrent done by precision rectifier circuit assisted with two buffer circuit and an amplifier sub tractor to obtain full wave concurrent. Signal adapter circuit will give total reinforcement around 150 times and furthermost barrier distance of which still be detected is around 100 cm. This picture shows signal adapter diagrams block. Amplifier inverting undertakes as first amplifier with reinforcement value around 46 times. Precision rectifier circuit designed has reinforcement around 2 times. Sub tractor circuit has reinforcement of 1, 5 times. Low filter circuit of order two designed to has frequency value cut-off around 60 Hertz to correspond to requirement. Output of signal adapter circuit is signal DC readily is turned into digital. Picture 5 up to showing each 9 is amplifier circuit inverting, precision rectifier, buffer, amplifier sub tractor and filter applied in this research.

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