univibe pedal circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Univibe is actually a footpedal-operated phaser or phase shifter for generating chorus and vibrato simulations for electric organ or guitar. It was introduced in the 1960s by Shin-ei, and was intended to emulate the `Doppler sound` of a Leslie speaker. Although not a really successful Leslie-simulator, the Univibe has turn out to be an. Here

univibe pedal circuit diagram
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the circuit diagram of octave fuzz guitar effect pedal. This guitar effect unit is great sounding octave fuzz, with an optional mode of just fuzz. The fuzz is really a absolutely rectified signal and is fairly chewy. For some the Fuzz alone could possibly not be loud enough, this could be fixed by raising. This is the circuit diagram of DOD FX75 Flanger guitar effect pedal. The circuit drawn by Fabian P. Hartery Components CD4007 dual complementary pair with inverter; (RCA) TL022C low power dual operating amplifier; (texas instruments) MN3007 audio signal delay, 1024 stage low noise BBD (5. 12-51. 2 msec delay) MN3101 clock generator for Bucket Brigade Device/BBD. The following circuit is Tube Distortion Pedal for guitar effect. The circuit designed by Ron Black. Notes: IC1 : 747 dual op-amp, other ICs may be substitued but pinout will different. You should check the datasheet IC2 : LM340K-12V Voltage Regulator All resistors are 1/2 W Bridge Rectifier - Full wave bridge recitifier, 50 Volts, . This is the circuit diagram of Univox Super-Fuzz Pedal. This pedal is actually a 69-to-early 70`s design that consists of two special capabilities. They are the octave generation effect from the differential-pair-with-collectors -tied-together along with the option of just a clipping amplifier or a 1kHz notch for different sounds. The odd-diffamp is basically a full. Here the circuit diagram of Maestro Boomerang / Wah-Wah Pedal for...

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