video sequencer using analog multiplexers

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Here is another example of using a CD4051 multiplexer, or more accurately a pair of CD4051s in parallel. I had lifted much of the core logic and circuits from Dave Jones designs. Again these are old designs offered from a historical perspective. I built this sequencer for a public access facility I was involved with for a while. At the time they o

video sequencer using analog multiplexers
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nly had a black and white switcher. I built this sequencer in a box along with a Dave Jones color sync generator, a simple oscillator, and a Dave Jones output amp. Though this sequencer has a sync insertion section in the final stage that removes the color burst, using it with an output amplifier, which reinserts color burst, allowed the members of the group to use this as a color switcher for studio shoots, and as a sequencer. A video sequencer is a processor that will sequentially cut between some number of inputs according to a clock. Commercially they are popular in security settings where a single monitor would switch between multiple security cameras. Artists have used them for real time cutting between multiple sources of imagery, either camera sources, or outputs of other modules. You can use a sequencer to create a live wiggle 3D effect with two or more cameras, as well as patch irregular clock signals to move rhythmically between multiple versions of a patch. The sequencer I have in my modular synth, and a similar one built for the Experimental Television Center, had two additional modes to determine switching between between sources. In the binary mode, instead of just a single clock input (oscillator), there are three switches, and jacks, to define a 3 bit binary word that in turn determines which of the eight channels is on. Using the three jacks instead of the switches means you can use three oscillators to...

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