water level controller circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

It consists in 555 feet, respectively, of 1, 2-cited two-pin, using two needles with a high water level higher than 555 when the probe capacitance between 1, 2 feet circuit leaving 555 low potential output. Contrary to the output of high potential (555 composed of a standard multivibrator). For the control points up and down the water level 555 can also

water level controller circuit diagram
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be used to do, good simple 3 floor Picture this subject as follows:to the file much better this time! 5th Floor Or more appropriate light or infrared sensor 6 F See ah. 7th Floor Unfortunately, not enough levels can not see ah! 8 F With a zoom control, it works in between the cut-off and saturation, thus to control a triac on and off the line, Oh 10 F Upstairs, "Lieutenant, " Hello, Can the "water level controller" information sent to my mailbox, aqiang_02318@sina. com, thank you! ! ! ! 11th Floor No map, make Taiwan well A total of 12 topics 2 pages, current page 1 Water level controller for the water tower as shown in the circuit. The figure, IC2 available a variety of 555 integrated circuits. Decoder integrated circuit for the infrared receiver IC3 CX20106A. IC4 available 4N25, 4N26, PC817 and other optocoupler. Part of the infrared receiver infrared receiver can be purchased finished components or integrated infrared receiver can be easy to produce and improve reliability. VD1, VD2 and VD3 use of infrared remote control transmitter and receiver diodes. J made a new selection of memory self-locking relay, relay and general appearance of the product the same, the difference is not required to maintain the current after the pull, pull and release only a certain pulse drive power is required, then the mechanical structure to maintain " locked. " The main parameters: Rated voltage 12V, trigger pulse w 20ms rectangular...

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