weather car wont start and radio keyless entry power windows

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

When the weather is hot with the sun beating down the car won`t start and radio, keyless entry, power windows, power locks, radio, and power seat wont work. After the sun sets everything functions again. Have you checked to see if the headlights function when the problem occurs What I am trying to figure out is if it is a problem between the main

weather car wont start and radio keyless entry power windows
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connections between the battery and the fuse block(s), or some other component down the line. It sounds like the main connections between the battery and fuse block(s) are probably OK. That would usually lead us to the ignition or circuits, but since the AC fan & wires work, that adds a twist. If you look at the schematic below, it shows the starting circuits, and the IGN E fuse (at the top left). This is the main part of the circuit that gets power when the key is in either the Run or Start position. Everything else comes from the battery. Let me see if I can track that down a little more. What I am suspecting is that there is some loose connection in the underhood fuse block, perhaps some corrosion in the fuse sockets that are there, based on what you have told me. If you don`t have meter, I would take a look at the underhood fuse block to see if you can observe anything obvious such as any loose fuses or wiring in that area. I think what you will be doing, while it is hot, is checking the voltage at various fuse in the underhood fuse block for power. It could also be that one or more of the connections at the bottom or side of the fuse block has a problem. Here are some schematics I have gathered so far. I have not traced each of these down yet, but I do see that the front wipers get their power from a different fuse block (rear) than the front one. I will be hunting down the horn & AC fan to see how they are different,...

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