FM24C256 interface circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FM24C256 as shown 27-54 slave interface circuit I2C bus, the address format shown in Table 27-3. A2, Al, AO is set to low (when extended storage capacity, the need to change A2

FM24C256 interface circuit
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, A1, AO setting), the lowest address to write control bit, which is. 1 expressed a read operation from the device as a o indicates to be a slave write operation start signal is sent from the controller MCU and after the device address byte. FM24C256 monitors the bus, when its address is sent from the device to match the address when, in response to a signal should blame; perform the appropriate read/write operation according to the state read and write control Pina bit R/Ws. MM36SB020 chip for storing 16 16 dot matrix Chinese character. Control commands are shown in Table MM36SB020

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