Logic-Level actuated gas solenoid

Posted on Dec 28, 2012

Despite exhaustive searching, every reasonably priced solenoid valve for controlling propane during pushbutton start required 12VDC, beyond the capabilities of a normal pump battery. I know that there are methods to generate HV pulses which will actuate the solenoid, which will remain closed down to below 5V, but I went the more expensive and reliable route with a DC-DC converter, shown here, the Newport NMR101. R2 is 10K, and R3 is 100K. R1 is 39 ohms.

Logic-Level actuated gas solenoid
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

A diode clamp across the solenoid (not shown) might not be a bad idea. Vary R1 to acheive reliable closing of the valve and to keep current to ~90 mA through the solenoid. The converter will draw 260 mA from the 5V source. The MOSFET (IRLD014) is a logic-level, 4 pin DIP package. A 5V logic high from the CPU will actuate the circuit, with less than 1mA at the gate.

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