Ophthalmology light lamp switch circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Is a light remote control light switch circuit, remote control toys can be sufficient flashlight or laser pointer. Use as long as the torch for a photo at the photosensitive resistor RL2, RI.2 resistance was low, VT2 immediately turned on,

Ophthalmology light lamp switch circuit
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the relay K suction units, the power station contacts kl closed circuit self-locking, the other a make contact k -2 close together allows the lamp E energize hair light. Turn off the lights when needed, just look again irradiated RI.1, RI.1 that is mutated to a low resistance, so that the rapid conduction VT1, VT1 conduction will VT2 base potential drop down, forcing VT2 cut iL, K release, its two make contacts jump, put out the lights off. VD2 role is to raise the conduction VT2 base potential, is conducive to the irradiation RI.1 shutdown. The machine working power by the capacitor (1z buck, VD3 -VD6 rectifier, vs regulator and filter 1. [crossing supply .RP1, RP2 were used to control the lights and turn on the light sensitivity withered section operation. RL1, RP2 are used M (; 45-type light-sensitive resistors, light resistance and dark resistance requirements differ multiples bigger the better, the production was a blessing when they acquired in hood to eliminate ambient light interference, but they should not be too light-shielding cylinder. deep and is too small, then the rain will bring remote operation described quasi difficult .K should work voltage, 12V, there are two sets of transfer of small electromagnetic relay exchange contacts, such as JRX-13F, DC12V type, etc. .f, the pressure should be used 400v or more of LBB poly-ene-resistant capacitors, Wu other devices no special requirements,

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