Rd flashing light string circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Is the use of Shenzhen Skywave Semiconductor Co., Ltd. of M] DOOI, five flash integrated circuit fabrication Shen Rd flashing lights controller,

Rd flashing light string circuit
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M1500P use [1M () manufacturing ST Chicago. DIP 14 standard package, also uT root according to customer requirements soft seal packaging. It uses the power supply voltage standard value} b 3V, I, 1 -] and "outputs can directly drive LEDs blinking, random manner with consecutive two options circle, 220Y AC by C, the buck , Vn rectification and vS steady voltage output about 3V supply voltage gravity ' f1500P electricity . a ~ ß feet, namely 1,1 ~ L5 ends are connected SSRI - SSR5 Yin Chi relay O foot (ie, built-in negative end of the arc tube ) R, is built with galvanic emitting tube resistance, so energized flat, five solid state relay on successive turns Ji Tong and off, string lights, El ~ F5 to open start flashing. manifold (), l / OFF feet end that is connected directly to ground, so the circuit is powered, the chip will start work as .s for the mode selection switch, when Sm together, coming SEQ grounded, continuous flashes Happy type; when S is opened, namely SFQ end hanging wins when, a hundred tandem set of lights sparkle random .R, foot manifold external oscillation resistor , a resistance can be adjusted to change the blink frequency. C, requires CBB-400V polypropylene capacitors; SSR1 ~ SSR5 type using TAC081 IC type solid state relay, the maximum load current of other component parameters] A. Ah see, no special requirements.

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