With a CD4069 make fantastic light

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FIG VDI ~ VD4 form a bridge diode rectifier, a full-wave transform the 220V AC pulsating DC, all the way for the red, green and blue (ie HI ~ H3) electric lights, another way t

With a CD4069 make fantastic light
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hen by Rl0 buck, VD5 regulator and VD6 isolation and capacitor C7 CD4069 integrated circuit A power supply filtering. CD4069 inverter in six every two inverters (such as an inverter I and ) consisting of a ultra-low frequency oscillator, a total structure into three oscillators, their oscillation frequency is about 1 ~ 2Hz or so, when the oscillation Start-up time, the output terminal positive square wave pulse, through resistor R4-R6 so that the corresponding gap transistor VTI ~ VT3 conduction, when the transistor is turned on, its corresponding SCR (VSI ~ VS3) on opened, the corresponding lights (H1-H3) on the light-emitting, after the pulse, the transistor cut stop, SCR off, lights out. The lights will flash with the nozzle oscillation frequency of light. Three oscillator circuit resistance values of capacitance elements is identical, but the discrete element parameters, the parameters are different more or less total, the oscillator produces square wave oscillator frequency and phase are there are small differences, the same time light bulb which is entirely random. Such as in the production of the three light bulbs emitted onto the same piece of translucent frosted glass or opal glass shade, we see mixed light will be emitted three lights, according to the principles of its three primary color changing, very good looking.

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