Battery-powered fluorescent lamp circuit 1

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

285 is indiscriminately using a battery-powered fluorescent lamp circuit, towns during a power outage use it as a temporary emergency according to the invention. Transistor V 7

Battery-powered fluorescent lamp circuit 1
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, the boosting transformer T, coil I, L:., And a capacitor c-. ~ G composed of inductance feedback oscillator oscillator, an oscillating voltage boosted line indiscriminately L. After opening pressure direct contact is added to both ends of the fluorescent tube E, E lamp excitation light. VT use 2SD88 Type and other high-power three silicon diodes, p 50 can. E is sw Chan fluorescent tube.. (; Available 6V, 41h maintenance-free battery boost variable voltage regulator T homemade needs: choice of cross-sectional area of mm 5mm of the E type ferrite core,/- -f ,. are made of high-strength wire 0 of 22mm. wound, L.,, double the backbone and about 20 smack, tap should pay attention to the end of the same name,. about 2/0-250 dish. H behaved relatively simple circuit without trial Bute, power that can work properly. close the Jf off S, E sweet tube that is able to light up, if too bright enough town to appropriately adjust the value R., C and C until the station almost brightness requirements such as E lamp is not lit, indicating that power hoof no start-up, it may be wrong end of the coil of the same name, as long as the coil L. or, at both ends of the head of Sh :) -. That BU-cho.

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