With a CD4013 produce laser light remote control switch

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FIG 220V AC by the step-down transformer T, VD3 ~ VD6 bridge rectifier and a three-terminal voltage regulator blocks A2, stable 12V DC voltage output for digital integrated cir

With a CD4013 produce laser light remote control switch
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cuits Al electricity. A1 is one pair of D flip-flop, wherein a D flip-flop connected into a one-shot circuit, the circuit transient time * 0.7R2 X C2 F3.5s; the other D flip-flops connected as bistable circuit for triac VT to drive the relay K action. Just when the power is turned on since the differential circuit C3, R3 composition generates a high level pulse is applied to its reset terminal pin 10, so that the output end Q2 of the output low level, the transistor VT cut-off, the relay K is not action, it controls the lamp does not light. Usually less affected by photosensitive resistor RG laser irradiation showed high resistance, SI terminal that is 6 foot is asserted low. If using laser irradiation by light torch aligned RG ~, RG by Ying I immediately after the laser beam irradiation exhibit low resistance, in the first 6 feet namely Al Sl end produce students a high level pulse, one-shot circuit is triggered from Ql end outputs a high-level pulse width of 3.5s, added integrated block that is 11 feet CP2 end it turned over, Q2 ended output that is 13 feet high, VT conduction, K is energized by its control system is turned on normally open contact closure lights (not shown) power, lighting lights light. And then the laser torch aligned RG irradiation time, Al and flipped once, that is 13 feet Q2 ended output low. VT ends, K loss of power release, lights off.

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