Discrete components sound and light control stairs delay switch circuit 5

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A relatively simple circuit Lu Qing, stair walkway light control delay light switch, the disadvantage voice a little less sensitive, and sometimes difficult general conversatio

Discrete components sound and light control stairs delay switch circuit 5
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n Lu canthus trigger, but you can beat the sound of shoulder F switch or direct slap open close open panel beam light. Photosensitive resistance Rl., R, and the composition of VT2 light control lb Road, H days, RI. Showed a low resistance, VT2 conduction, VT3 door is clamped at a low level, VT3 off, lamp E does not shine. At this time (jl by VDa, marrow grams electrically to 13 (iV about (vs LED light tube voltage value plus positive l sentence drop) evening RI. Showed a high resistance, VT Off, VT3 lifting of the blockade, but because R ,. i far Ding R, VT3 is still in the off state, the light is still on, when someone from the sound of speech or clap clap, Ij pick up acoustic signals through (coupled, direct-cho trigger VT1 open. Sh, then 1: ~. power by about 6V iF VD6, VT1 VT3 f J Feng people pole, so VT3 trigger the opening of electric powered lights E-emitting. VT1 lose after the sound f J pole} U flow, but the mountains in C, stored charge through R. to put VT1 in, make VT1 work under sunny Xi iu claw stop, so VT1 still maintain open state (j. Hui: discharge at the same time, but also by VDj, R, full-wave pulsating DC charging but R; a big R, Therefore (1 voltage across gradually drop, Sheng finally unable to maintain VT1 conduction. seasonal ferry pulsating DC zero crossing, VT1 off. In this case C. continue VDo, R, and VT3 gate charge, the charging current can be maintained VT3 conduction state remains until full charge to f, V [3 seeker trigger current when the AC zero crossing that is shut off, turn off the lamp E. arc tube I.EI) in this collapse was two: one foot at night emitting low light, indicating the switch position bone; the second is isolated from the action, so that the anode and VT3 VT] usually work in the whole gate crossing the pulsating DC voltage conditions F. trim resistor. RI side of town for the festival circuit voice sensitivity increase Save resistor R. the resistance can be adjusted from the control light control circuit point; after this circuit is energized, if not out long bright lights F can be increased R. (or decrease wind) adjustment.

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