Discrete components sound and light control stairs delay switch circuit 8

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By using a modified piezoelectric ceramics ashamed acoustic-electric transducer sound, light twist stairs walkway delay delayed lighting switch, circuit structure was relativel

Discrete components sound and light control stairs delay switch circuit 8
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y simple. Diode VDl - VD4, SCR VT5 composed sound and light control delay lamp abundance go the same way, the control loop is VT] -VT4 and other components of the composition, control the power supply from the River Road B buck, vs regulator spoon (j filtering group that, when the lamp is off E, c.i terminal can output straight stream T 7 operating voltage of 8.8V. control loop R1. and so on VT3 composed of light control circuit, the day was low resistance RL, VT3 conducting, audio amplifier tube Vl collector 4 pull clamp low blood level iLl, it can not work ashamed Second shake tube VT2 base resistance value R. therefore, VT2 at large to approximate the off state, the collector of the higher fU measured as 7 2V.VT1 base resistance, although larger, but it is taken from the high pressure connection blind VDl- VD4 rectified, save VT1 conduction, product thyristor VT5 off, fU light E does not light. At this time, I NIE Rong (. Ran was filled with positive left negative charges, the potential difference of about 7V so. night .RT. showed a high resistance, VT3 deadline, lift the VT4 owl electrodes blockade, especially if the ambient noise, the circuit state does not occur t1 subject of. If this time if someone walking on the stairs, B will pick people walking footsteps or voices, and converts it to a corresponding electrical signal after amplification VT4, from 0 coupled to the base of VT2, cho make VT2 conduction .C. VT2 by inverting the parallel VTi emitter junction, it becomes reverse bias charging voltage VT1, so make VT1 sectional it. thyristor tube VT5 and opened by R. get trigger current, F lamp by light, after the lamp is lit, go the same way to control the supply voltage drops, even if the sound disappears, VT2 collector is still in the lower level, VT1 still under reverse bias of the cut-off, so the lamp can be maintained luminescent then C:. after R:, R and R. a discharge, the absolute value of the reverse bias voltage decreases, when closing time sufficient to maintain VTI, V11 conduction, VT5 lost when the trigger current AC. zero crossing, that is turned off, the lamp E goes out. Bong circuit in addition to the voice sensitivity by amplifying Ji VT4 several effects, to a large extent by VT! operating state must be. R. resistance must be adjusted so that it is in a critical state off when that is no sound, its collector grant level in about 7 2V, so that when the base is slightly touched, namely flip is turned on delay time of the circuit by the collapse of many factors Movies ask about sound, icon data delay about 50s, such as undesirable, town to change ( 2 capacity Quine were gluttonous. adjustment section R, the resistance can be adjusted from the light control circuit handles.

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