AMP-04 0 F 400 temperature measurement circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AMP - 04 is a single-supply, single resistor gain adjustment, the input voltage drift of less than 150 pLV, the current drift in 5nA, temperature drift of 8 pA/aC, gain nonline

AMP-04 0 F 400 temperature measurement circuit
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arity of 0.005% of the high resolution op-amp. AMP - 04 0.400qC temperature measurement circuit shown in Figure 1-13. Temperature range of the circuit is 0-4000C, measurement accuracy of 0.5. Ri - R3, RPi, RTD constitute a bridge temperature detection circuit, RP, adjust the bridge balance; IC2, IC3 as a constant current source, 1C3 output 2. 500V precision reference voltage, the Rs, R6, RP2 regulation, the IC2. (+) Terminal potential is 0. 202V, IC2. Constant output current is applied across the bridge. Temperature bridge output directly to Icl amplified, O pin external resistor adjusts gain benefits, RP4 trim gain. At a temperature of 0 to 4000C when changes, the output voltage of O-4. OV. When debugging, first with a 100. 00Q electrical resistance (equivalent to 0 ) instead of the RTD, transfer RPi, so that the output voltage is 0.oOv; then respectively 247.04 (equivalent to 400C), 175 84n resistance (fairly. at 200C) in place of RTD, respectively adjust RP4, RP3 output voltages are 4.00,2.OOV.

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