A variety of low-frequency waveform generator 741 circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG variety of low-frequency waveform generating circuit. The circuit can simultaneously output two waveforms that triangle and square waves. Circuit, a first integ

A variety of low-frequency waveform generator 741 circuit
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rator stage has a standard; a second gain stage inverter is 1; for the third stage of a comparator with hysteresis. In the third stage without diode, the circuit output is positive, the output of the integrator is negative syncline wave after wave inverted into a positive slant to the comparator. When the ramp rate reached comparator threshold level Vo R1/(R1 + R2), the output is negative, then the integrator output is positive ramp; when the amplitude reaches a threshold level, and the circuit changes state, Thus, the first stage output triangle wave, square wave output of the third stage, the phase difference between them 180o. If the third-stage output plus one diode, since the clamping action of the diodes, the negative output of the comparator is -0.7V, then the circuit output sawtooth and pulse waves. Whether plus access diode, the output frequency is determined by the time constant of the integrator, and a comparator supply voltage dividing ratio, its limit depends on the conversion rate of the operational amplifier. Limit frequency of the circuit is 5kHz.

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