555 Anti-night sleep control circuit diagram recorder

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown, this circuit is mainly used in a timely reminder dozing who can supervise and the number of records on duty were asleep. Figure d detection circuit is a minute signal

555 Anti-night sleep control circuit diagram recorder
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. When the LED digital electronic timing clock minute display character change over time, Figure c strokes a ~ g end there will be at least a change. The detection of the use of minute pulses from IC2 form a time recording and alarm circuit for duty to remind supervision. Since the display minute of seven (a ~ g) at the same time with a couple of strokes may change, so remove the minute pulses may have several. Monostable delay circuit 555 and R10, C8 and other components, it needs to receive one pulse per minute, that the timing of time 10 seconds remaining stroke pulse does not work. Monostable timing circuit width by R10 and C8 time constant to decide. VT1 for the inverting amplifier stage, negative pulse is applied to the trigger terminal 2 feet, flip the circuit 555 outputs a shaped pulse CP. IC2 is a decimal counting/distributor, longest timing of 9 minutes. When the count to the first nine pulse, which is the cumulative timer to 9 minutes, was 9 feet high potential, VT2 conduction, relay, Fig. B sounder power is turned on, a timely caution attendant press the reset switch K1, the count circuit is reset, time to start again. If you do not press the switch K1,1 minutes after that accumulated to the first 10 minutes, was 11 feet high potential, VT3 conduction, the relay K2 pull, the power diagram e alarm circuit is turned sharp and intermittent alarm sound sleepy attendant will wake up and timely press reset switch K1. 11-pin output of IC2 is also added to the diagram of f IC3 14 feet, so that the timer circuit was three feet high potential, LED1 light. Thus, if the over-nine 10 minutes, 9 feet IC3 also showed high potential, LED9 red light, indicating sleepy attendant has up to 9 times. Noting 9 feet by D2 connected to IC3 end of CP, 9 feet high has been described timing circuit CP end sealed, no record, but LED1 ~ LED9 luminescence will remain for future reference. Figure f cleared the right of the display circuit. IC5 is a diagram of a typical e multivibrator, the frequency of the oscillation parameters shown about 4Hz square wave around, the RP1, DW, after C3 buck smooth acceleration to IC6 control terminal 5 feet of IC6 multivibrator modulated, so that given a change of tone acoustic signal, power amplification by 3AD5 promote 10W speaker, issued a deafening alarm signal varying tones.

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