AC contactor silent operation of the circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AC contactor has a silent operation of the circuit due to energy-saving effect is remarkable, no noise, low operating temperature, extend life, etc., workers and peasants in th

AC contactor silent operation of the circuit
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e production industry, has been widely used. Works shown. Press SB2, the N-terminal when the power is positive, U end is negative, VD] access circuit, supply contactor KM pulsating DC contactor KM KM action normally closed contacts break open, Ri, VD1 exit circuit. When U side is positive, N terminal is negative, positive VD2 conduction, charging the capacitor c2, wells simultaneously turned contactor KM freewheeling. When the N-terminus of recovery is positive, the contactor KM against electric capacity c] DC power supply charge current is maintained. S switch for the AC-DC converter, such as the need for fault rectification circuit maintenance when the repair can be converted into AC switch S means the contactor into cross flow operation, without affecting the normal operation of electrical equipment. Common AC contactor silent operation of the circuit model CJ10-100 • When capacitance is 1. 47yF/400V, diode model 1N4007; model number CJ10-150, the capacitance of 1.47yFl400V. Diode model 1N4007; CJ12B-250 model, the capacitance is 2, the F/400V, diode model IN4007.

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