ARM module optical fingerprint recognition circuit schematic

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The system uses optical fingerprint sensor with ARM Cortex M3 core STMicroelectronics 32-bit high-performance microcontroller STM32F205RE

ARM module optical fingerprint recognition circuit schematic
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function body composition using Sobel edge detection operator, Gabor filtering, image binarization image acquisition and processing algorithms for fingerprint image recognition, built a small volume of embedded fingerprint identification module with embedded modular, micro-power, easy to use program interface, ease of secondary development, recognition accuracy, high cost and so on. System hardware circuit design The whole system constitutes an integrated optical fingerprint recognition module. Module design using optical imaging principle a dark background, adding a unique in vivo detection chip in solving dry finger while addressing the effect of the residual fingerprint identification error, rubber fake fingerprints and other issues. GC0307 CMOS chip optical image capture application circuit diagram is shown in FIG. Which chip CMOS image acquisition is high-precision, low-power, high-performance micro-volume camera's built-in components, to achieve its VGA image quality CMOS image sensor and a highly integrated image processor, embedded power and high-quality lens group together, the output JPEG images or video image stream, supports 10-bit JPEG images and digital transmission YCbCr interface, providing a complete imaging solution. CMOS image acquisition core function serial data output pin, the clock signal pin, reset pin, pin serial bus so STM32F205RE access to the GPIO port, reads the chip CMOS image information acquired through the GPIO port analog timing . Since STM32F205RE the GPIO port operating frequency up to 120 MHz, which can very accurately and efficiently simulate timing, measured 640 480 original image can speed 10 / s collection to a host processor STM32F205RE in image processing.

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