Color offset printing circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The operation control circuit mainly by the button switch SB21. Contactor KM1 composed contactor KM1 main contact directly control the operation of the main motor Ml. Main motor Ml as the prime mover of the motor slip, the slip clutch can to drag the

Color offset printing circuit
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active machine running. The control principle is that when you press the SB21, contactor KM1 eligible suction power combined self-locking, so that the main motor Ml starting, running lights HLZ light. At the same time, KM normally open contact closure, connected to the slip clutch speed negative feedback loop control system EA2 power, the speed control system, AC contactor KM1 contacts will have the following effects. 1) KM1 normally open, closed, make speeder power. Since KA3 (fixed speed) was released state, so speed control system so that the host is given before the low-speed operation speed. 2) KM1 normally open, closed, turns on a KA3 circuit, constant speed to prepare for the start. 3) KM1 normally open and close the print control circuit power is turned on for the realization of the printing control ready. 4) KM. Normally closed contact off, cut off M2 (low speed motor) control power, implementation and local electrical interlock. When the button is pressed SB21, SB21 mechanical interlock normally closed switch off, cut off the relay KA3 coil circuit can be realized from fixed speed machine is switched to low speed. (2) local control circuit is slow drag of low-speed electric motor M2. In idle mode operation of the machine, in order to facilitate assembly and calibration of the plate, drum scrubbing, conduct test drum rotation, printing and other printing pressure debug preparations, local control circuit carve Jog and long vehicles in two forms, the slow movement is the point by operating the button SB13 ~ SB16 and SB17-SB20 real reproduced. SB13 ~ SB16 Control JOG, SB17 ~ SB20 control Jog reverse (reverse). Releasing said push button switch, KM2 or KM3 loss of power, M2 stops running. The long slow car, through the operation button switch SB11 to achieve. When you press the SB11 relay KA2 was electric suction combined self-locking, AC contactor KM2 pull power, then M2 operates in 3.5r / min speed, closing the normally open additional KA2 also turned combined pressure control power, low-speed test and check printing ready. Meanwhile KM2 normally open, closed, turning the electromagnetic clutch YA1 coil circuit, M2 and the main motor shaft connected. KM1, KIVt2, KM3 normally closed contacts are electrically interlocked play role in ensuring low-speed electric motor M2 and the main motor Ml can not operate simultaneously.

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