Common series negative feedback amplifier

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Common series negative feedback amplifier (2) series negative feedback amplifier shown in series is a common negative feedback amplifier. Wherein R is the resistor current nega

Common series negative feedback amplifier
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tive feedback element, because it belongs to the input circuit, output circuit belongs to the input and output circuit linked up. First, assume that an instantaneous input signal is positive (+), due to the emitter (e) of the polarity of the voltage to the base (b) the same, but also for the positive (+), increases the potential of the transistor emitter. Because the emitter voltage is equal to the input voltage Ub {-U-Uf, through feedback element R, weaken the input signal into a voltage Ube, so negative feedback is feedback elements R. A negative feedback resistor R is used to stabilize the amplifier, the greater the resistance, the entire amplifier is smaller magnification. And a negative feedback resistor R is connected in parallel to a capacitor coupling capacitor C, corresponds to the AC emitter (e) of the short-circuit, the AC signal has no negative feedback, thereby to obtain a larger magnification AC

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